The Incomplete and Heavily Expurgated Greatest Hits of Stud & The Brass Knuckles
(The Early Years)

  1. A Fool Has No Business Inside a Balloon

  2. Ballad of Rusty Screw

  3. Honey, Come On

  4. Karma Kustard

  5. ___________'s Nookie*

  6. Patriotic Blues

*Due to the unwillingness of this song's protagonist to go public, the title (and lyrics) is/are heavily censored.

A Fool* Has No Business Inside a Balloon**

One day Alexander Fool was sitting in his room

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ***

on the moon.

[All other lyrics have been forgotten, except the last line:]

A. Fool has no business inside a balloon.

(c)1971 Cherrytoons

* Not the one on the hill

** Possibly ahead-of-its-time reference to safe sex

*** Not censored -- just forgotten!

Ballad of Rusty Screw


[and I did]