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International Polkas and Waltzes 1928 - 1948

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Authentic, historically significant polkas and delightfully melodic waltzes.

1 - Okey Dokey Polka
2 - Divorced Polka
3 - The Prune Song
4 - Beer Barrel Polka
5 - In Mϋnchen Steht ein Hofbräuhaus
6 - Two Handkerchiefs Polka
7 - Song Of Bohemia Waltz
8 - Tinker Polka
9 - Clarinet Polka
10 - The Blue Skirt Waltz
11 - Rock And Rye Polka

The Polka Dots Polka Band of six exceptional musicians performing rousing, authentic Czech polkas and delightfully melodic Czech waltzes-circa 1928-1948. These original international orchestral arrangements were published in Chicago by the Vitak-Elsnic and Joseph Jiran publishing companies and performed in New York City in the 50's and 60's by an accordion friend of Lorna Brown, accordionist Mr. Joseph Danek.

Joseph Danek was the accordionist in a Czech polka band of fourteen musicians called The Dawnbreakers. They played these same original arrangements in many of the fine hotels, including the Barbizon Plaza Hotel, the York Hotel, Tavern on the Green in Central Park, and at Washington Square. The Polka Dots Polka Band wishes to reintroduce this exceptional international music and preserve it for future generations.

We play international music that makes you want to dance. The music gladdens peoples' hearts and awakens their feet! It is universal in in appeal.

LORNA BROWN - Accordion player since the age of nine. A Swedish immigrant's daughter, 'Lorna Anderson' represented California in the Miss America Pageant of 1957 and was selected third runner-up. Her talent was the accordion! Always performing as a soloist, Lorna is now refreshed to be playing with a polka band--enjoying the authentic, masterfully arranged polkas and waltzes of the early to mid-nineteen hundreds. Long may they last!

ANNE CAVE - Anne recently received a Masters of Music from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Some of Anne's many credits include studying voice and theatre in NYC and performing there in off-Broadway productions and childrens' theatre; performing professionally in musical productions in the Southern States; singing with symphony choruses in the South and as a soloist in churches all over the country. She loves to teach music to children and play polka music.

DR. JOHN CAVE - An emergency room physician, John learned to play the clarinet in junior high school. At the university of Illinois, he was a member of the Marching Illini--one of the 'BIG TEN'S marching bands. Performances were selective and limited until he received a call to play with the Polka Dots. John had always wanted to play in a small ensemble.

DR. STEVE ETTERS - has been a trombone player since the age of ten. He lives and loves music--having dedicated his life to performance and music education. Some of his credits include playing professionally in several Top 40 and acoustical groups; playing in symphonies, being a conductor of a symphony orchestra and founding and playing in musical ensembles. He has a BA in Music Education, a MA in Education & Administration and a Doctorate in Music Education & Supervision & Music Curriculum. He loves to play his euphonium in the Polka Dots.

GEORGE HILL - has been a cornet player since the age of twelve. He has experience in high school band, the US Army Band in Europe; most recently with the Queen City Brass Band in Charlotte, NC; Catawba College Community Band, the Salisbury Swing Band, various gigs around Salisbury and now our most special, Polka Dots.

FOSTER OWEN - From Barbershop Quartets and Dixieland Combos to Classical Brass Ensembles, Foster has had music on his mind most of his life. Joining the Polka Dots as its tuba player 'to create music from the old country', has opened up a whole new chapter in his musical life. Stay tuned; no pun intended.

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