Interview Domingo Samudio

Spoke to Sam on 7-17-95

These days, he's a non-denominational bible teacher, in English and
Spanish in a Federal institution.

He still performs the old songs but only if he can do some of his
gospel tunes, too. He describes his gospel music as "street gospel."

He's been writing and recording songs for the last 30 years but
nothing is in print right now. He's been working in a variety
of styles including: country & western, gospel, and religious (he's
writing a setting for the Kyrie).

No books on SS&P, but there was an article in Rocktober magazine. And
a tribute album called "Turban Renewal" on Norton Records.

His first released record was as SS&P on Tupelo Records in c. 1963:
"Manchild" (Domingo Samudio) b/w "Betty and Dupree". It had a pink label.

His second record, also SS&P: "Haunted House" b/w "How Does
a Cheating Woman Feel?" on Dingo Records. Yellow and Red label; 1964.
"Haunted House" also appears on one of his albums; I don't know if it's
the same recording.

Sam believes that he was the first rock 'n' roller to wear an earring,
and that Wooly Bully was the first American million seller after the
British invasion.

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