Temple Emanuel at Parkchester - drawing of the building Temple Emanuel at Parkchester


After nearly eighty years of joyously fulfilling the needs of Conservative Jews in Parkchester, Temple Emanuel sadly closed its doors on October 31, 2011, shortly after the High Holy Days.

You can read a bit about the Temple's history and closing at The Bronx Ink.

Mourning Prayer is a short documentary following the closing weeks of Temple Emanuel at Parkchester.

The Temple's address was 2000 Benedict Avenue, Bronx, NY 10462.

Over its long history, TEP was fortunate to have been served by an exceptional  group of rabbis, cantors, and rabbinical students: 

Senior Rabbis

Tedeschi ?
Nathan Arias Lublin (ret. 1953)
Ephraim Mandelcorn
Benjamin Tumim
Joseph Spevack
J. Leonard Romm (Retired)


Marvin Savitt (d. October 27, 1997)
? Weingarten
Melvin Etra

Assistant Rabbis

Harold M. Schulweis (d. Dec 18, 2014)
Nathan Lublin

Student Rabbis

Edward Romm (Israel)
Richard Sutnik
Amos Chorney 
Mark Greenspan (Oceanside, N.Y.)
Howard Morrison (Toronto, Canada)
Kenneth Katz (Madison, Wisc.)
Moshe Saks (Calgary, Canada)
Joseph Schonberger
Alfredo Borodowski 
Robert Kasman (Schenectady, N.Y.)
Michael Singer (Malverne, N.Y.)
Leonard Muroff
Miriam Spitzer
Jacob Benzaquen (Pittsburgh, Penn.)
Scott Hoffman 
Royi Shaffin (Lincoln, Neb.)
Daniel Stein
Juan Mejia
Jesse Olitzky
Michael Mauricio Fel

The locations in parentheses are as of 2009.