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From emails of 12/23/05 and 12/26/05. Used by permission. 

Just wanted to thank you for the nice review of my band's CD, as I'm glad you liked it, and appreciate your compliment about our PR. 

I also wanted to let you know that "The Wutch" doesn't condone or isn't meant to condone DWI. I've lost some friends to DWI, so I know the seriousness and sadness of it. It's meant to be a situation involving someone that was under medication, drank a little Jager.  I truly believe it's important for people to really think before they get behind the wheel after they've been drinking -- even if it was only one or two drinks.  And, when you add to the mix someone that's been taking medication, it's even more important to stop and think. It seems as though every day we're reading about someone who got into an accident caused by DWI or DWAI, and it's just too bad.  A friend of mine died in the summer of 1990, because he left a party after drinking too much, pushed people away that had tried to take his keys, and he ended up hitting a culvert, flipping his car. He fell out because he wasn't wearing his seatbelt, and the car landed on top of him. The accident also killed his girlfriend, who was riding alongside him. It's just too damn sad, yet it happens so much.  

Thanks again, Barry.