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Lauren Wyte

From emails of April 22, 2007. Used by permission.

Hello. I read a review on Bernie Witkowski (Wyte), that a CD was made and it was not the best quality. Bernie Witkowski is my grandfather. He is no longer here with us. My grandfather took pride in his music and would never release anything that was not 100% to his satisfaction. I just want people to know that he achieved success because he had so much love for what he did. He took great pride and had so much dedication towards his music. I saw the passion that he had for music from his records and all the time he spent to create them. Also he was the best grandfather. He spent so much time with his grandchildren. Family was very important to him. To read about his life and to hear all the great things people say about my grandfather really touches my heart because he wanted to touch people’s hearts with his music

Lauren Wyte