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Martin & Bonnie correspondence 2001

From Bonnie Lobel to Martin 5/21/01

wendy owen sounds awfully familiar. ditto don evans. jog my memory. were you the guys who could take the mimeo apart into little pieces and lay them on the floor as you cleaned it? were you much younger than I? thanks for the letter. nice to be in touch

From Martin to Bonnie 5/21/01


Your description of the person you think was me is more or less correct -- black hair (back than), dark complexion (relatively speaking), about six feet tall and -- for that fleeting period of my life -- thin.

As to whether I was much younger than you, probably not by our current standards of measure, but I was only 16 at the time.  I would guess you were in your early 20s back than.  If I remember correctly, you had reasonably long brown hair -- wavy I think -- and wore large round glasses.

As to the other two I mentioned, Wendy Owen was a volunteer from Chicago, who impressed me for two reasons.  First, she claimed to have done a great deal for someone of her age -- which was probably just about 21.  I can't remember precisely what those things were -- I believe radio announcer might have been on that list -- save for one.  She had been a model, which was the other thing that impressed me about her.  She was about your height, I think, and had short brown hair.  (We didn't have many blondes in the office, did we.)

As for Don Evans, he was nominally the High School volunteer coordinator -- though he himself was out of college.  He was relatively short, had longish straight brown hair.

Which reminds me.  I presume you knew John Scanlon from the O'Dwyer campaign.  He passed away a week or so ago.