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Nos on Closets?

On 12/24, Nos sent out this message:

Check out the California Closets video on this page at I havenít decided if it is outstanding or hilarious. [4-5-04: It was a "high concept" commercial, no longer available on the Web]

Bill Wollheim responded 12/24/99: 


Deven Black responded 12/24/99: 

It is both outstanding and hilarious. One good point: it did not mention the millennium.

Amy Helfman responded 12/27/99:

Iíd say technically the former and unintentionally the latter! My favorite line is about service - "Itís in our DNA...." It makes me want to get up on a soapbox and yell, "CORPORATE ENTITIES DONíT GOT NO DNA!!!" But that might be taken the wrong way.