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Here are some samples of the old New York Independent Advocate (originally The O'Dwyer Advocate).

Front cover Title Issue Date Staff Production notes
The O'Dwyer Advocate 1 October 8, 1968 Editor: Nostradamus. Circ.: Syd Tegler 3 pp. Cover printed on salmon-colored paper. Mimeo on the back of old O'Dwyer leaflets. Mimeographing is pretty clear.
Comment: Just a list of events. "The Advocate . . . will soon be moving." (Ha!).
The New York Independent Advocate 12 April 14, 1969 Editor: Nostradamus. Associate editor: Chickie Sher. Assistant editors: Robert Buckley and Jeff Harris. Republican affairs editor: Deven-keith Liam Black. 10 pp. Printed on pink paper throughout. Mostly regular mimeo, some electro-stencil.
Comment: About one page of calendar, two pages of ads. The balance is news and opinion. Brief piece by Martin Mosbacher, "Up in the rugged north country."
New York Independent Advocate II:23 January 10, 1970 Editorial Board: Nostradamus, Martin Mosbacher (suspended), Deven-keith Black, Jeff Harris, Bob Buckley. Staff: Barbara Adelsburg, Andria Barzilay, Kathie Niederhoffer, Barry Sher, Lee Wissman (sic). Photo editor: Martin Mosbacher. 22 pp. Photo page and masthead are inserted after page 10 and not included in the numbering. Offset pages 1, 10a, 17,18. The rest is a mix of regular and electro stencil. Repro quality poor. Page 10b printed upside-down. Pages 17-18 supplied pre-printed by Bernard Ades.
Comment: Front page includes an article by Pam Charney entitled "Women's Liberation in the High Schools." Diogenes, drawn by Gladys Torres on p. 17. Masthead says"For political reasons, the ADVOCATE is unable to assure its readers of un-biased coverage of the news of the 67th AD area." Page 20 (mailing panel) has an ad for a cocktail party sponsored by the Stevenson Democratic Club (Milt Goldner). Mailed bulk rate.
New York Independent Advocate: The Publication of Politics II:25 April 1, 1970 Editorial Board: Nostradamus, Martin Mosbacher, Deven-keith Black, Jeff Harris, Bob Buckley. Staff: Kathie Niederhoffer, Barry Sher, Lee Weissman 20 pp. Electro-stencil throughout except p. 16 and possibly part of 20, regular mimeo. Photos on pp. 1, 11. Page 6 printed upside-down.
Comment: Front page article "Notes on a demonstration," by Bruce Kamiat. Looks pretty good (Martin's influence no doubt).

Excerpted from a Letter to the Editor by Peter F. Wieck. Appeared in the HELLO issue of the New York Independent Advocate (prob. Issue #6 - our numbering was a bit hazy back then).

Dear Sirs:

By not supporting Paul O’Dwyer’s decision to support Humphrey, you have lost sight of the reasons he did not support HHH in the first place. By not suporting Sen. McCarthy’s endorsement of HHH, you have lost sight of the circumstances of his endorsement. You have done what you swore you would not do -- you copped out.

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