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The Eugene J. McCarthy for President Unofficial Web Site has been established by Martin Mosbacher, Deven Black and Barry Nostradamus Sher to reminisce about the good old days and share some good times with the old gang.

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Former Sen. McCarthy blasts biographer

Former Sen. Eugene McCarthy (D-Minn.) has complained to the publisher of a new biography of him that it is “so bad, it’s almost libelous.”

McCarthy told publishing giant Alfred A. Knopf that British scholar Dominic Sandbrook’s Eugene McCarthy: The Rise and Fall of Postwar American Liberalism “is so awful I’m amazed that Knopf published it.”

The book is scheduled for release a week before McCarthy’s 88th birthday, March 29.

McCarthy, whose antiwar campaign drove President Johnson from office in 1968, said the book “is full of lies about me. What Sandbrook writes about the early years is pretty good, but every page after the first 50 is trash.

“He states that I was jealous of John Kennedy, that I hated Bobby Kennedy, that I didn’t write my own speeches, that my books were no good and didn’t sell, that I don’t have a sense of humor. He’s completely without credentials and without any knowledge of my record.”

McCarthy was especially incensed by Sandbrook’s use of secondhand quotes that have him using profanity. “He quotes somebody who said I called Lyndon Johnson ‘a son of a bitch,’” he said. “That’s ridiculous.”

McCarthy added that his father claimed the only swear words he ever used “was when he called three guys ‘sh--s.’ So I’ve limited myself to calling three people three ‘sh--s’. I’ve used two of them and maybe it’s time for me to use the third one.”

McCarthy’s harsh assessment was matched by the conservative Weekly Standard, which said Sandbrook’s book “verges on character assassination.”

From The Hill 2/18/2004, retrieved 10-31-06

Gene McCarthy, whose presidential campaign had such a profound effect on us, passed away on December 10, 2005, at the Georgetown Retirement Residence in Washington, D.C.

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