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Someday, I hope to put up a thorough list of all the bands associated with the warehouse, and the bands that they spawned and the bands that all of the members of those bands played in either before or after the halcyon days of the late sixties. But until then, here's what I could remember. Your additions and correction are welcomed.

Band 1 – Dust

The original warehouse band, circa 1968.

John Band – (John Taylor) singer and leader. I think he was married to Sheila Bassman’s sister. Son of Telford Taylor. [3-13-02: Nos found the following on the Web. See]
John Bellamy Taylor, M.F.A., CASAC Addiction psychotherapy; assessment & treatment planning specialist, moderation friendly

taylor.jpg (80738 bytes)"John Taylor, MA, CASAC (523-8285) is the Director of Evaluation Services [at  the Smithers Center of St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital]. John not only knows how everything works (or should work) at Smithers, he also has an impressive fund of knowledge regarding other addiction and related services. John can help you decide how best to access Smithers for a particular patient, or help you find another more appropriate resource." [From Dr. Alexander DeLuca's website. Apparently John stayed on after DeLuca resigned in 2000.]

[Nos 1-16-04:] He's the brother of Joan Penderell Taylor and Ellen Taylor, both of California

Wolf – drummer
Lou Ramundo – Lead guitarist. Lou was also in one of the versions of Stud and the Brass Knuckles.

From Steve Cohn 6/15/03: "I have been seaching on the web for a couple of childhood friends who I played in a band with when we were teenagers, Louie and Phil Ramundo. The band was the "Corvairs."  I noticed their names on the Bands page on your website. Do you know how I could contact them or do you have any information about them at all?"

From John Lehmann-Haupt 3/29/03: "I stumbled across your site searching for Lou Ramundo (Raimundo?), a very talented guy; I was hoping to find out what had become of him. A little peripheral info that may or may not be of interest: I played guitar behind Lou in a short-lived band in the summer of 1967 that also included John Taylor as vocalist and leader, John Cotton on bass, and John Velez on drums. I think our name was Milkweed; we only did one gig, a debutante party in Atlanta, GA that was booked by a management outfit (Elan Associates) that was a holdover from a previous band of John Taylor's (which I think also included Lou, and his brother Phil on bass). We had a rather impressive light show by Rudi Stern, also a holdover from the earlier band."

Phil Ramundo -- Lou's brother (KN: shorter than Lou but still cute)

Band 2 – Stud and the Brass Knuckles

Kathie "Stud" Niederhoffer – Lead singer and songwriter. Our Paul McCartney. Also in Cherry and the Pickups.
Nostradamus – Rhythm guitar
Deven Black – Bass guitar
Lou Ramundo – Lead guitar
Franne -- drums

Note from Deven 5/23/99: I may be mistaken, but I seem to recall that at the only Stud & The Brass Knuckles gig I can remember (was there more than one ?), the one at the girl's home where just as we broke into our rousing rendition of "Karma Kustard" (or was is "Wassail In The Oven"?) I noticed the nuns all over the joint, Martin Mosbacher was a vocalist.

Nos responds: I think he performed with us somewhere, but I can't remember where or when. For that matter, I'm not sure which of the bands I was in actually got to perform at CBGB's. I also seem to recall being in a band with Finley Hunt III and Danny Ramirez. Bob Ullmann might also have been in one of these bands, but it's kind of a blur now.

Kathie says: Chuckie Solomon played with us at a benefit at the warehouse.

Email from KN 7-14-99: I was just looking at the band page and thought iíd mention some of our fabulous non-paying gigs (always the best kindóart for artís sake!!!). We played the Hey, Brother! Cafe more than once. I guess we were sort of the house band. [Nos says: I didn't remember so many gigs there] Was that the first one where they paid us in soul foodóribs, candied yams, etc.? I still canít believe the guy running it, Rev. Matt Jones, let us sing those slightly raunchy songs. Maybe he wasnít a real minister, but just one of those guys who sticks "Rev." in front of his name. He was nice to us --- thatís all i know. [Nos says: Mat was a sweetie. I ran into him in the late '80's on the West Side. He was a naturopath, nutritional consultant and specialist in colonic irrigations.] What happened to Fred Kirkpatrick? Is he still around? [Nos says: He passed away, prob. in the early '80's. I wonder what a web search on "Rev. Frederick Douglas Kirkpatrick would turn up.] Then there was another HB gig where there was an English guy who dug Franne (she prob. remembers). And the one where a maybe 16-yr-old Latino guy asked me to go out and smoke pot with him and his friends (i donít remember if i did). Wild, wacky times!!!!! I remember the reform school gig deven mentioned. Wasnít that the one where you and Franne carried some disagreement onstage and one or both of you walked off in the middle of the show? [Nos says: I wouldn't do such a thing. I'm much too even tempered.] Those were the days!!! Then there was the FDR-WW gig w. Chuck. I remember doing "Iím Speeding on You" (and the words are still meaningful today!!). I donít know mmís E address, so iím saying hi to him here. I remember when we went to the moonwalk show in CP w. R. Power and Sherry. You were the first guy i had falafel with. Iíll never forget it!!!!

7/19/99 Started uploading "The Incomplete and Heavily Expurgated Greatest Hits of Stud & The Brass Knuckles (The Early Years)" to the web site.

Band 3 – Cherry and the Pickups

Kathie's band. Click on the link above to go to the Cherry and the Pickups home page.

Band 4 – Early Wayne band

Wayne Shevlin – lead guitar, vocals
McCoy -- keyboards
Mickey Davis – bass
Nostradamus – rhythm guitar

Band 5 – Middle Wayne band

Wayne Shevlin – lead guitar, vocals
Nostradamus – bass
Beth Ullmann – keyboards
Becky Cole – rhythm guitar
??? – singer

Band 6 – Flying Dutchman

Wayne Shevlin – lead guitar, vocals
??? – drums
Nostradamus – bass and organ

Band 7 – Chris Glen and Edge

Chris Glen – Singer, songwriter, rhythm guitar
Bob Keleman – lead guitar
Jeff – drums
Nostradamus – Bass
?? – singer
Greg -- keyboards

Band 8—The Bubbes and the Zaydes

Nostradamus – bass, arranger, vocals
Jay Korman – guitar, lead vocals
Jody – lead vocals
Iris Korman – vocals

Band 9 – Los Dos Latkes

Nostradamus – bass, arranger, vocals
Jay Korman – guitar, lead vocals

Band 10 - Three Card Monte

Jenny Hurwitz (Franne's old roommate; was Jenny Brown) - Songwriter, guitar and vocals
Franne - Drums and vocals
Talbot "Top" Katz (Jenny's husband) - Bass, vocals, sometime songwriter

NOS: My notes show Three Card Monte gigs from at least 5/31/99 to 1/10/2004.

8-12-06 Jenny points out that Three Card Monte began about 1992-3 with Roz as the drummer.

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